Uaz 469

УАЗ - Козел

General Purpose Russian 4 x 4

"A UAZ will break down where no other car can go"

UAZ-469 was very similar in design to the original Jeep, a sturdy, but not-so-comfortable car that was able to drive in virtually any terrain and was easy to fix. The Uaz-469 reached legendary status for its reliability and off-road ability.

The Uaz-469 and its derivatives has gained legendary status all over the world for its off-road ability, reliability and simplicity. Due to the vehicles reliability and capabilities it is to this day loved and used by off-road enthusiasts all over the world and is a welcome alternative to the US Jeep, British Land Rover and Japanese Land Cruisers due to its lower costs and similar characteristics.


One of the main reasons the 469 has enjoyed such popularity is its deliberately simple design, which allows for easy maintenance and repairs. Its simplicity is a deliberate design feature for 2 main reasons: the requirements of the Soviet Armed Forces, as well as the little known fact that most people in the Soviet Union / Russia prefer to fix their cars themselves as opposed to taking them to an authorized mechanic.

Furthermore: the UAZ's simplicity, easy maintenance and extremely inexpensive spare parts allow the car to last much longer than more expensive and complicated western 4x4s. Even the most complicated and costly repairs can be done by the owners themselves, and rarely cost more than a few hundred pounds.


Model UAZ-469B (UAZ-469 - Military Version)
Seating 6 (7)
Net-weight - 1,540 kg (1,650 kg)
Full load weight - 2,290 kg (2,450 kg)
Length - 4025 mm
Width - 1785 mm
Height - 1990 mm (2050 mm)
Base - 2380 mm
Minimal clearance - 220 mm (300 mm)
Maximum speed - 62 mph
Maximum horsepower - 75 hp @ 4,000 rpm
Maximum torque - 25.6 Nm @ 2,200 rpm

Engine displacement - 2450 cc 
Compression ratio 6.7:1
Gear ratios 4 speeds

Mileage - 22 mpg - city cycle
Breaking distance - 6.1 m from 20 mph
Fuel tank capacity - 39 litres X 2
Years of production 1972-1985 (1973-1985)
Type of engine UMZ-451M (UMZ-451MI), 4I cyl., carb., ohv
Bore/Stroke - 92 x 92 mm
Wheel formula 4 X 4

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